CCC16 Travel Allowance

Travel Allowances
A limited number of travel allowances will be provided for attending the 2016 Computational Complexity Conference from two funding sources, (Type A) by NSF for graduate students from U.S. universities only, and (Type B) by the local organizer for any needy possible participants. The travel allowances of (Type A) are supported by the National Science Foundation award CCF-1624150. (We particularly encourage applications from members of underrepresented groups.) The travel allowances of (Type B) are supported by the ELC project (The Exploring the Limits of Computation), one of the Scientific Research on Innovative Areas in the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Program by the Ministry of Education of Japan.

These allowances are to help cover their expenses. The application should be made through the following web page:

For student’s application, a statement from the student’s advisor indicating availability of other traveling funds must be sent through the web page emailed automatically to the advisor upon the application. Both should be submitted by March 24th. For questions, please use Applicants will be notified of the result by April 4th (note that the early registration deadline is April 10th).

Selection Process
The information provided in the application form below will be used to prioritize the awards (Type A) by the award committee of CCF (chair, V. Guruswami) and (Type B) by the local organizing committee (chair, O. Watanabe). Though the selection procedures are different between (Type A) and (Type B), the same application is used and applications eligible to both types will be coordinated.
(Type A) Preference will be given to students who do not have other sources of funding, and to those who make an effort to keep costs down.
(Type B) Preference will be given to those who have a submission to CCC’16 and who do not have other sources of funding, and students and young researchers.

Reimbursement Process
Details on how to be reimbursed for expenses will be sent to accepted applicants after the decisions have been made. But be aware of the following points.
(Type A)
- Save all original receipts including email records.
- Only flights on US carriers can be reimbursed.
- Need explanation if you are not traveling directly from your home institution.
- Reimbursement for the registration fee is limited to the early student registration fee.
- We do not pay for food or visas.
(Type B)
* We need to follow several rules given by our funding agency including the following points and some other details. Please coordinate with us to satisfy such detail requirements.
- Save all original receipts including email records.
- Only flights between your home institution and Tokyo (and train transportation fee between the airport and the conference place) can be reimbursed. (In case you need to leave/go back to a place different from the place of your home institution, please write your flight plan and its reason in the “Detailed expense list.”)
- Arrival and departure dates of the flights should be limited within May 27 and June 2nd.(That is, no extra stay is possible even if you pay your local expense by yourself.)
- Reimbursement for the registration fee is limited to the early registration fee.
- Local expense allowances will be fixed amount (e.g., 10,000yen) per day.
- Reimbursement will be given in Japanese yen (cash) during the conference.