Hotel Guide

Hotels in Tokyo

We do not block any hotel rooms because one can often get a better rate by booking through internet booking sites. There are some hotels near the conference venue in a reasonable price range, say, around 10,000yen per person and per night. Note that “Tokyo” refers to a quite lage area, and you had better focus on an area near TOKYO station for searching hotels. More specifically, around JINBOCHO, KUDANSHITA, or TAKEBASHI metro stations; all these stations are about 5 min. walking distance from the conference venue. What follows are some examples. (The prices we stated are just an average for one person and one night; the price may vary largely by booking sites and/or timing. Also although we give below each hotel’s official page URL for reference, one can usually get some discount by booking through internet booking sites.)

There are much cheaper and yet reasonable hotels. Recently, using private apartment rooms is getting popular in particular for a longer stay. Please note that this type of business is not officially approaved/controlled, and there could be some risk, though we know that quite a good number of visitors have used such rooms comfortably with no problem.

Hotels in Kyoto

Please use internet booking sites. It is not so easy to find a hotel nearby Kyoto university, the workshop venue, but one can easily access Kyoto univerisity either on foot (20min.) or by bus from SHIJYO KAWARAMACHI area, the most active area of Kyoto with many hotels. Reasonable hotel rooms can be found around 6,000yen to 10,000yen if you book early enough.