Results of the Vote

April 22, 2014 © Dieter van Melkebeek

Everyone on the CCC mailing list had one vote. There are about 500 people on the mailing list. (We don’t know the exact number because some people are subscribed through multiple addresses; every person could only vote once). 189 people cast their vote.

Here are the numerical results:

In the current situation, which of the following options do you consider best for CCC? [189 responses]

  1. 3%: Remaining IEEE-only
  2. 38%: Becoming joint ACM/IEEE
  3. 60%: Going solo

In case you answered 1 or 2, please check the main reason: [89 responses]

  • 34%: Prestige of being affiliated with a professional organization
  • 22%: Financial backing and insurance
  • 13%: Having proceedings in the digital library of a professional organization
  • 12%: Maintaining continuity
  • 18%: Other

In case you answered 3, please check the main reason: [121 responses]

  • 43%: Open and free access to the proceedings
  • 21%: Reducing monetary costs for the attendees
  • 15%: Increased flexibility
  • 7%: Reducing time costs for the local organizers
  • 14%:Other

Independent of how you voted on 1-3, would you be willing to help out as a volunteer in the event that CCC does go solo? [189 responses]

  • 53%: Maybe
  • 30%: No
  • 17%: Yes

One thought on “Results of the Vote

  1. Jeff KInne

    The results from the online vote are posted above. Recall that the vote is non-binding, and that the steering committee must now decide what to do.

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