Update since June 2013

February 2, 2014 © Dieter van Melkebeek

What has happened since June 2013.

Originally, the plan was to incorporate the outcome of the IEEE TC Board meeting of June 11, 2013, and post an updated version on the CCC website soon after. However, as of today our requests to IEEE TCMF for the outcome of that meeting have remained unanswered.

We first scheduled a one-month discussion and voting window for October, in parallel with SoCG. Upon the request of ACM SIGACT chair Paul Beame, we postponed the CCC process to February 2014 so as to (a) give IEEE and ACM more time to consider and enact changes, (b) avoid interference with the SoCG process (which would remain scheduled in October 2013), and (c) choose a quiet period in which people in the community would have time to participate in the process. Ultimately, the SoCG process was also delayed. See their forum for their status.

In September 2013 Paul Beame informed us that ACM staff are looking into the possibility of a joint ACM/IEEE sponsorship arrangement in which conferences could be fully sponsored by ACM the years they are in North-America, and fully sponsored by IEEE the other years. This would avoid the doubling of the administrative overhead of the joint ACM/IEEE arrangement mentioned in the manifesto. As of today, we have not yet received a confirmation that the new arrangement is indeed an option.

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