Request for Volunteers

April 29, 2014 © Dieter van Melkebeek

Given the outcome of the recent poll, the steering committee is seriously considering the option of CCC going solo. However, this option is only viable if

  • enough people are willing to make a commitment to serve and deliver, and
  • we can gather the required startup funds.


Some voters indicated their willingness to help on the ballot but we need more volunteers. In particular, we need help with and/or advice on legal issues like setting up a non-profit organization to facilitate the conference, and insurance.

The steering committee is asking everyone who is willing to help out to step forward, including those who already indicated this on their ballot. Please email Dieter van Melkebeek by May 8 and be as specific as possible how you are willing to help. Possibilities include:

  • setting up the conference: creating a non-profit organization, other potential legal issues, insurance, banking, sponsoring, proceedings, registration, record keeping;
  • serving on the executive committee of the independent conference;
  • local organization: which years, where, who else would be on your team.

Start-up Funds

The steering committee would like to get an idea of how much funding we’d be able to collect. We’re considering two types:

  • Funds that would be used to bootstrap the conference and are intended to be returned within three years. If you would be willing to contribute to this fund, please tell us how much.
  • Permanent donations. If you know of contacts for possible donors (labs, institutions), please let us know.

Organizational Meeting

If we decide to go solo, we’d set up an organizational meeting the day before and/or after CCC’14 in Vancouver, i.e., Tuesday 6/10 and/or Saturday 6/14. We may be able to provide travel and accommodation support for this. If you are volunteering as above, please keep those dates in mind when planning your trip to attend CCC’14, and include in your response answers to the following:

  • Would you be able to attend on Tuesday 6/10?
  • Would you be able to attend on Saturday 6/14?
  • Would you need travel/accommodation support?

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